Battery Insights

Software enabling efficient battery usage

The Challenge

Today the world is being electrified – and batteries are the enablers!

While batteries are widely adopted and used - they are still not well understood. Acquiring battery expertise is difficult, time-consuming and expensive - making batteries a bottleneck for many companies whose core business lies somewhere else.

Tomorrow, when batteries are used everywhere, their negative impact will be substantial. 


To mitigate that impact, batteries need to be part of a circular economy where they are used, reused and recycled in a more efficient way. To always use new batteries is not a sustainable solution.

Our Vision

Sustainable and transparent
battery lifecycles

We believe trustworthy battery knowledge is a prerequisite for the effective use of batteries.


This will enable circular battery economies, where batteries are not used just once - but multiple times!

"A circular, responsible and just battery value chain is one of the major near-term drivers to realize the 2C Paris Agreement goal in the transport and power sectors."

Our Software

We complement the need to build in-house battery expertise, by offering battery expertise and insights as a service. Based on our many years of collective battery experience, we build tools that automatically collect, verify and analyze battery data.


We support our customers with insights and knowledge to minimize both cost and environmental impact. With this knowledge and set of tools, we also help find applications for second-hand batteries.


We simply love batteries! 

Delivery of key insights from battery data analysis.

The brokerage of used batteries to new life applications.

Support with the selection and design of connected battery systems.


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