Verifying EV Batteries with Blockchain

EVLedger builds a tool for performing third-party verification of battery data with blockchain technology. Our vision is to ensure complete trust between industry actors as well as individual battery users in the battery technology space and allow for individual cell performance traceability.

The tool enables second life applications, circular value chains and sustainable recycling for many types of batteries. It also verifies individual battery health and champions ethical and environmentally friendly extraction processes for battery minerals.

A Circular Flow

“A circular, responsible and just battery value chain is one of the major near-term drivers to realize the 2°C Paris Agreement goal in the transport and power sectors”

-The World Economic Forum, September 2019



By providing independently verified data about battery health, we make it possible for batteries to be reused and recycled in the applications that fit them best - and at the right price

Our Partners

•Verifies data on BMS/vehicle level with blockchain-based cryptography.


•Uploads a copy of the historical data to our cloud for easy, safe access.


•Analyses the data to give visualised information about the battery and its use, for example on battery health and second-hand value.

Our Product




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