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Enabling Circular Battery Economies

Our Vision

Within a decade the number of Li-ion batteries used in the transport and energy sector will increase drastically.


This forces us to create a sustainable solution for trading and handling batteries in the future.


We at EVLedger take part in that effort by creating a platform that enables circular battery economies, in order to maximize resource and energy usage. 

"The need for urgent and more intensive actions against climate change is broadly recognized. In support of this agenda, this report presents a simple yet profound vision: a circular, responsible and just battery value chain is one of the major near-term drivers to realize the 2C Paris Agreement goal in the transport and power sectors, setting course towards achieving the 1.5C goal if complemented with other technologies and collaborative efforts."


The Challenge

Reinventing an immature and ineffective supply chain with big data predictions, transparency and trust.

Today batteries are handled in a very inefficient way, both economically and environmentally.


Very few batteries are available for second-hand use, and with less than 5% of the batteries being recycled today, we need to improve the way we handle batteries in order to create a sustainable future.

Tomorrow we need a solution that can handle anticipated battery volumes in a sustainable and cost-efficient way.

We need to lower the threshold and cost of using second-hand batteries in order to fully utilize the money and carbon equivalents invested in batteries.


The EVL Platform

Trusted, verified data in combination with health predictions and value estimations enables better decisions and as a result a better battery value chain.

2nd Life Trade


Cost Reduction

Trade batteries that no longer fit its application - but can still be used in e.g. a solar power plant.

Knowledge about individual batteries enables more efficient recycling - and reuse of working cells from dead battery packs.

Reduce battery cost by optimizing battery use and re-use.

Our Approach

The EVL platform is a combination of components that together tie the second-hand battery ecosystem together by providing battery insight.

We Collect and Verify battery data on vehicle level with blockchain-based cryptography.

We Upload a copy of the collected battery data to our cloud platform for easy, safe access.

We Analyse and Visualize the data to give a better understanding of batteries and their use, for example on battery health and second-hand value.

We can also separate the data collected from the data verification. This allows the platform to verify collected data without storing or even seeing it.


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